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Onshore wind
​ To the height of 120m class!


Hybrid PC tower
​ High performance to pull out

Stronger wind  Take it with larger wings and increase the amount of power generation four times

AIZAWA has developed VT (Ventus Turris), a prestressed concrete tower raising method that maximizes the potential of onshore wind power generation in narrow Japan.


AIZAWA has teamed up with Syzygy Plasmonics Inc., a startup located in Houston, USA, to develop a modular containerized hydrogen production system for the Japanese market. Their photocatalysis technology enables the use of hydrogen, a safer and most cost-effective method of transporting hydrogen, to produce fuel cell grade hydrogen with one fifth the energy of water electrolysis.


State-of-the-art photocatalytic hydrogen reactor opens up the future of hydrogen society


Grasp the future of thin energy with the green hydrogen produced by the wind

We are developing various technologies related to tower construction in order to support the spread of wind power generation, which is the mainstay of renewable energy. "Green hydrogen" and "green ammonia", which use electricity from the wind and do not generate CO2 in the production process, will play a leading role in the carbon-neutral era. Innovative catalytic technology that does not require fossil fuels is indispensable for realizing an energy value chain in which wind, hydrogen, and ammonia change their appearance and cooperate freely. We will collaborate widely with domestic and foreign technology companies to contribute to the future of Shin Energy.

PC hybrid wind tower construction method
Commentary movie
(3 minutes 56 seconds)

portableHydrogen station
Commentary movie
(2 minutes 56 seconds)

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